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* Residential Architecture: House For All Seasons by John Lin

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 5 July 2012

Residential Architecture: House For All Seasons by John Lin: “..Architect John Lin has adapted the traditional style of a rural Chinese courtyard residence to create a village house that is entirely self-sufficient..Lin, who is an architecture professor at the University of Hong Kong, designed the house in Shijia Village, north-eastern China, as a model that would encourage village residents to be less dependent on outside goods and services..A number of courtyards are contained behind the walls of the house, accommodating a pig pen [Ndlr: !!] and an underground biogas boiler that generates energy from the animal waste..Wide staircases provide areas for planting crops, which can be fertilised using leftover slurry from the boiler and dried on the roof of the house..During the rainy season the roof is also used to collect water, which filters down into a large container and can be stored throughout the year..Just like a traditional village residence, the building has insulating mud walls, but also features a concrete frame to increase earthquake-resistance and a latticed brick exterior that provides both shade and natural ventilation..House For All Seasons recently won first prize in the Architectural Review House 2012 awards..”  (article includes a slideshow)  Four interior courtyards, lattice-work brick exterior walls..

image: Courtesy Architectural Review; article: Dezeen

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