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* Residential Architecture: Nian’s Residence by Chen Tien Chu

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 8 July 2012

Residential Architecture: Nian’s Residence by Chen Tien Chu: “..The home rises four floors with an interior courtyard type space allowing the family members to gather within this dense metropolis environment.  The interior levels shift in response to the courtyard spaces utilizing the transition of negative spaces to create surprises at each turn..The fabricated structural system displays a simple building exterior that has created an elegant living scenario within the crowded disorderly environment..The living room, dinning room, kitchen and a patio are visually connected by walkways and large openings.  Presently the patio serves as the breakfast room, conversation room, and a place where the children do their homework, it is the heart of family life..The living room, master bedroom, children’s room, comparatively are more private living quarter.  Only the study and rooftop terrace are joint spaces providing a place for family members to read, stretch out and watch the stars..Light, wind, rain flow into the interior through the courtyard allowing the people living within to feel the weather and seasonal changes.  The rhythm of light in the courtyard composes different expressions from lights and shadows in the interior spaces..”  Extensive glazing, natural light, privacy; roof terrace and interior courtyard, interesting interior volumes and fenestration..

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image: Courtesy of Chen Tien Chu; article: “Nian’s Residence / Chen Tien Chu” 22 Dec 2010. ArchDaily. <;


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