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* Residential Architecture: Casa Vale do Lobo by Arqui+

Posted by the editors on Monday, 9 July 2012

Residential Architecture: Casa Vale do Lobo by Arqui+: “ southern portugal, the ‘casa vale do lobo’ by portuguese architect vasco vieira of arqui+ exhibits a contemporary lifestyle, epitomized by the elevated swimming pool constantly cascading onto the reflecting pool below. as it sits in an open public ground, the architect utilized the structure of the residence itself to denote private and common spaces by developing the floor plan into the shape of a ‘U’, with continuous solid outer walls and transparent glazing forming the inner walls. this allows the owner to have privacy from nearby activities while maintaining distance from the general public..the high-end residence exercises the use of orthogonal volumes and voids, simple pure geometries and clean connections which can be observed at every scale, from the overall formal composition to the detailing of the stairs. materials provide a variety of textures and help link or separate the different uses. black tiles join the outdoor and indoor pools, wood panels accentuate several elements and help create a spatial parti. a light black steel structure supports the panes of glass that constitute the internal walls, and a light gray sandstone floor unites all the components of the edifice with a soft neutral tone..”  Truly extensive glazing, natural light, privacy; materials sensibility; indoor and elevated outdoor swimming pools..

image: © FG + SG; article: Designboom

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