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* Residential Architecture: JMG House by ER Studio

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Residential Architecture: JMG House by ER Studio: “..The design of a private house in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal, finds the terrain in which it operates as its first conceptual premise. Being the topography characterized by a natural slope facing north and thereby disadvantaged as to the sunlight upon itself, it rises from its own soil a new volume that embraces a courtyard, which is defined by its own natural surroundings..The proposal is developed in two volumes, two monoliths that contrast between themselves in texture and typology. A volume that is born of the land, intrinsically linked to the privacy of private house dependences, and a second volume, light and pure, which rests on the previous one in order to both confine the domestic space around a courtyard and also benefit from a constant sunlight throughout the day..Thus, a first volume, dark and raw is born to materialize the private area of housing, like a throwback to the primitive times and its symbolic association of the home as cave/shelter from the elements, but also to address functional issues: the thermal efficiency. Highlighting the typological distribution contrast inside of the dwelling the second volume appears as the common area and provided with a clean and minimal visual language..This volume allows linking the various levels of the terrain, between the low and private area level with the house entrance high level..”  Abundant glazing, natural light, cantilevered form, privacy..

image: Courtesy ER Studio; article: Arthitectural

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