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* Architecture: Comisaria Fuencarral by Voluar Arquitectura

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 12 July 2012

Architecture: Comisaria Fuencarral by Voluar Arquitectura: “..a deconstruction of the basic courtyard typology, this local police station changes the relationship between a state-owned building and the community through layers of transparency. the general cube form is organized around a large full-height interior patio, visually connecting the services within the building. the private spaces by contrast are easily distinguishable as cantilevered solid cubes protruding out of the glass box..the project is set back from the property line to include public urban development. one of the most defining features is the anodized aluminum mesh screens that are periodically perforated to control depth of field and light penetration. these panels create a visual impedance towards the interior during the day while allowing undisturbed views to the surrounding city. at night, the building glows with light to expose the inner functions to the outside world. natural stones are framed into free-standing sections that run along the perimeter of the construction. the homogeneity of the material palette is broken on the inside with moments of black marble and wood members..”  Cantilevers, transparency, atrium, interior and exterior materials sensibility..

image: © angel baltanas; article: Designboom

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