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* Residential Architecture: On Vancouver Island, a Tree-Hugging House

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 12 July 2012

Residential Architecture: On Vancouver Island, a Tree-Hugging House: “..a house split in two: the main structure on one side of the trees, the garage and guest quarters on the other, connected by an elevated walkway. Workers had to dig to find every root before installing the pillars on which the elevated foundation sits, allowing water to wash under the house during storms..Inside the house, the trees are ever-present, viewed head-on through the glass walls of the cathedral-like living space, glimpsed from oblique angles in a downstairs bathroom or second-floor guest room. The elevated walkway is so close to the meaty trunk of one tree that you can open a window, reach out and grab a piece of bark, as if you were standing in a treehouse made of glass..“There’s a real sense of intimacy to being in and among these big trees..”  Truly lovely site, extensive glazing, natural light, wonderful views, contextual sensibility; colorful interiors..

Slideshow accompanying the article, here.

image: Brad Laughton, The New York Times; article: Steven Kurutz, The New York Times

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