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* Residential Architecture: House in Azóia by Steven Evans + Ricardo Jacinto

Posted by the editors on Friday, 13 July 2012

Residential Architecture: House in Azóia by Steven Evans + Ricardo Jacinto: “..The house is situated on a narrow and sheltered site on the foothills of the Sintra mountains, overlooking the sea..As the space to stand back and get a clear idea of the volumetrics would be limited, the design could not be based on “objecthood”..Hence the key is the plan: a “society of rooms” sheltered from the prevailing Atlantic NE wind, with courtyards, terraces and a roof with an “impluvium”. The enclosed ventral patio offers a choice of pathways around it, enhancing the sense of scale and the variety of ways to use the house..The public and private areas are at opposite ends of the house so that residents and guests can either be alone or enjoy each other’s company as they wish. Both communal and private rooms are provided with vaulted ceilings, whilst in the service areas, such as the kitchen or the corridors, the ceilings are horizontal. Small features such as steps and a ramp add interest to the interior whilst emphasising the transition between areas with different degrees of privacy..”  Vaulted ceilings, glass brick, courtyards and terraces..

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image: © Daniel Malhão; article: “House in Azóia / Steven Evans + Ricardo Jacinto” 12 Jul 2012. ArchDaily. <;


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