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* Residential Architecture: NE Apartment Residence by Nakae Architects

Posted by the editors on Friday, 13 July 2012

Residential Architecture: NE Apartment Residence by Nakae Architects: “..’NE apartment’ is an 8-unit apartment complex dedicated to motorcycle enthusiasts in tokyo, japan by japanese firm nakae architects. the building’s square footprint features a C-shaped outdoor area which is carved from the interior and accessed from a private alley which leads to the street. borders a centralized communal area, the curved facade allows enough length for access into each unit’s built-in garage while dwellers may use the area to easily rotate their rides. a radial arrangement of seven internal walls divide the residences, meeting the arcing external wall at a 90 degree angle to maximize livable spaces inside. rooms are placed to avoid views into opposing residences even with a continuous window strip along the exterior. the concrete framework includes a rigid frame of columns and beams. secured by the foundations, the vertical elements act as vertical cantilevers and the slabs distribute most of the horizontal force. the diverse angles of the wall placement in plan minimizes rotational forces and strengthens the structure..”  Interesting form, fenestration and interior volumes..

See our post on a home by Nakae Architects: Residential Architecture: Facing True South House by Nakae Architects.

image: © hiroyasu sakaguchi, courtesy of nakae architects; article: Designboom

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