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* Residential Architecture: Weekend House in Buš by Markéta Cajthamlová

Posted by the editors on Friday, 13 July 2012

Residential Architecture: Weekend House in Buš by Markéta Cajthamlová: “..The house was designed as a weekend house but eventually in the future will become a permanent place for two people..The main theme for the design was connection with the nature which surrounded the building. No house can be seen from the lot. It is a one story building without a cellar. There is a main multyfuncional room with kitchen,dinning and living, fireplace and direct connection to the covered teracce with hot tube and pool. In the middle there is an entry space spatially connected with family room. On the other side is located bathroom with sauna and steam cabin, two bedrooms and closet..The construction is made from dry masonry – TESUZ, inside walls are left without a plaster, outside surface is insulated by mineral wool and covered by red cedar siding. The roof structure is made of wooden beams from the inside again the same material as is on the facade-red cedar paneling. On the top there is a roof-garden connected by steel starcase..The sliding windows are custom made from red cedar, the fix part has a no-frame detail. On the floor is a white – oiled oak parket. In the central entry part is concrete. The heating system is a combination of floor-heating and radiators..”  Simple form, abundant glazing, natural light, views; roof terrace; cedar cladding, extensive wood interiors..

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image: © Ester Havlová; article: “Weekend House in Buš / Markéta Cajthamlová” 11 Jul 2012. ArchDaily. <;


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