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* Residential Architecture: Beached House by BKK Architects

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 14 July 2012

Residential Architecture: Beached House by BKK Architects: “..Beached House continues BKK Architects interest in the curation of the domestic as a sequence of unfolding spaces that deny, and then release views. The journey through the house is through a series of subtly shifting spaces that alter one’s orientation to climate and terrain..conceived formally as an exercise in volumetric origami; folding of spaces over and upon each other. In this way the house resembles a small village or informal site occupation that has aggregated over time. There are a number of these folded spatial sequences within the house that allow for playful discovery and encounter as well as opportunities for varying connections between spaces..Carefully sited in response to prevailing conditions and site, there is a sense that the home has been washed ashore and then embedded into the terrain, anchored against the elements. The external spaces are located, nestled, between these elements and are orientated according to the shift in the wind and sun patterns throughout the day. The location of these external spaces offers alternatives for occupation and shelter depending on the prevailing weather and time. The large masonry wall forms an organisational spine to the house whilst also anchoring the various elements firmly into the landscape. This investigation of the wall as a mark on the landscape and the exploration of site occupation are ongoing areas of investigation for BKK Architects..”  Interesting form and interior volumes, extensively glazing, natural light, views; contextual and material sensibility..

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image: © Peter Bennetts; article: “Beached House / BKK Architects” 18 Jan 2011. ArchDaily. <;


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