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* Residential Architecture: D Gallery & House by Point B Design

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 14 July 2012

Residential Architecture: D Gallery & House by Point B Design: “..a pre-fabricated gallery for a private art collection, a residential renovation, pool house, and encompassing grounds. a series of weathered steel frames placed at regular intervals rest upon a thick concrete anchor spanning the length of the gallery. clad with a bright red mosaic of panels, the upper level is comprised of a metal construction that cantilevers on three wide flange beams attached to a similar substructure..lining the presentation area is a custom designed wire mesh that provides a functional flexibility when displaying the varying art pieces. large glass panes, secured by structural steel mullions, enclose the gallery space and allow the landscape to become part of the spatial experience. the irregular sawtooth design of the roof and the contrasting rigidity of the first floor creates a constant shift in perspective throughout the program. much detail was taken into consideration on a multitude of scales from the overall formal diagram to the detailing of the door handles and stair railing connections..”  Distinctive form, cantilever, ample glazing, interesting interior volumes and details..

image: courtesy of point b design; article: Designboom

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