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* Residential Architecture: Villa H by Beluga & Toechter

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 14 July 2012

Residential Architecture: Villa H by Beluga & Toechter: “..The transformation of the Persian tradition to modernity and the physical movement to Rio de Janeiro are the basic ideas of our client. As an inspiration traditional Persian atrium houses were used. In the center of this building water surfaces naturally regulate the interior climate. The dialogue between tradition and modernity starts with an ancient Persian ornament, which determines the shape of the villa..Individual levels that open to each other, but create zones due to differences in levels characterize the basic structure of the villa. The staircase connecting all levels by framing the center zone of the building is free-floating.  Left hand the individual areas open in steps upward. Adjacent are kitchen and bar, open to the next level, the living area and terrace. The first terrace has access to a private patio. Aside is the living area with fireplace, library and bar. The bar area of the party terrace and that of the living area are separated by a section of the facade, which is translucent and serves as a shelf for the two bars. From the private dining terrace there is an outside staircase to the pool area and a springboard to the pool..From the entrance area to the right you are led to the deeper zones: Two children’s rooms with its own bathroom adjoin a room for the nanny with another integrated bathroom. Below you find the master bedroom with its spacious walk-in closet, spa, and private garden access. The bottom level includes a bar, fitness facilities and a spa area with its own pool, as well as the guest area with a private bedroom. By using an ornament in the skin of the building numerous light and shadow effects set in..”  Astounding site with views of Sugar Loaf and Rio de Janiero, exceptional contemporary form, extensive glazing, natural light, views..

image: Courtesy of Beluga & Toechter; article: Arthitectural

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