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* Architecture: Schaustelle Temporary Pinakothek by j. mayer h. architects

Posted by the editors on Monday, 16 July 2012

Architecture: Schaustelle Temporary Pinakothek by j. mayer h. architects: “..with the pinakothek der moderne closing in february 2013 for renovations, german practice j. mayer h. architects will be erecting ‘the schaustelle’, an interim replacement building to house all exhibition activities including the four separate collections on site, and will be adaptable as a convention space, workshop and performance venue and theater..containing an exterior modular scaffolding system, the multi-storey inhabitable space frame will provide much needed flexibility during the summer month expositions. original artwork will be displayed in a main hall on the ground level while the three-dimensional grid-like structure will provide the necessary versatility to display site-specific installations and expand the gallery area as desired. it will also allow screens to be hung at various planes that will project news, information and multimedia. visitors can wander to the upper floors where they may enjoy several new views of the city..”

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image: Courtesy of j. mayer h. architects; article: Designboom

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