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* Architecture: Sportscomplex Strijp by LIAG Architecten

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Architecture: Sportscomplex Strijp by LIAG Architecten: “..dutch firm LIAG have recently completed the ‘sportscomplex strijp’ as part of the christiaan huygens college campus in eindhoven [ Netherlands]..within a context of post-world war two urban development, the site is situated in the middle of two residential districts, an industrial property and a moderate-capacity road. creating an icon was an important factor behind the shape of the building, reflecting its function to daily visitors while maintaining the same aesthetic language as the neighboring order to maintain a low profile, the landscape has been elevated around the structure as a natural interactive pedestal to passively insulate the space while also maintaining a more practical and approachable human scale. the interior opens into the several service functions and large indoor courts. vibrant bands of colors, arranged and coordinated to represent the different athletic activities, stream along the facade and energy roof to express the playful nature of the complex, further accentuated by the rounded section of the form. the transparent faces allow for solar gain, while at night displaying the inner activities to the outside..”  Colourful, lively, welcoming..

image: © ben vulkers; article: Designboom

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