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* Residential Architecture: Beach House by Inarchitecten

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Residential Architecture: Beach House by Inarchitecten: “..In this project, a private house for a family with three children, we tried to show the two different situations at each facade. There is a street site and a water site..The accommodation on the water, the IJ lake, a house with three layers and a integrated garage to the street side..The front, at the street side, is relatively closed, has small window openings and ‘high’ parapets with strong outside walls..The wall material at the front facade (north side) is a dark-colored fiber cement board. Behind the Fiber-cement shutters the bedrooms are placed. It is a perfect light resistance (also a good cold resistance) for the bedrooms of children..”  Dark cladding, privacy, ample glazing, balconies, views..

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image: Rutger Vos; article: “Beach house / Inarchitecten” 02 Oct 2009. ArchDaily.<;


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