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* Residential Architecture: Johanna House by Nicholas Burns

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Residential Architecture: Johanna House by Nicholas Burns: “..Site: Secluded 100 acres of pristine bush containing environmentally significant and endangered ecological classes adjoining the National Park..Concept: A discrete addition to the landscape, a journey of gradual and layered concealment, opening landscape and ocean. Contrast; contraction/expansion, heavy/light, opaque/transparent….inside-outside-inside. Pure geometry, limited material palette and detailing create a stillness, a dematerialising interconnection with nature, landscape and time creating place and present focus..Landscape: No outside material imported onto site to prevent invasion of non-indigenous species on the property and adjoining national park. The house is sited on an existing clearing, no trees were cleared for construction..Energy: Mains power connection (4.5 km underground). The aim of a remote area power system was not suitable, a reliance on fuel delivery for Diesel generation in winter posed an unreasonable risk of fungal infection. Passively cooled and heated (with supplementary slab heating in the living space)..Water & waste: Rainwater for all drinking, ablution and fire fighting requirements is collected and stored in tanks. Waste water is treated on site through aerobic biological and sand filtration requiring zero chemical or power input..”  Wonderful, richly minimal; expansive glazing, abundant natural light, views; marvelous site, contextual and sustainable sensibility..

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image: Courtesy Nicolas Burns; article: “Johanna House / Nicholas Burns” 27 Jun 2009. ArchDaily.  <;


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