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* Residential Architecture: Playa la Isla house by Juan Carlos Doblado

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Residential Architecture: Playa la Isla house by Juan Carlos Doblado: “..The house is located on the seafront, overlooking the islands of Asia (Peru). The project aims to demonstrate the connection between an abstract architecture and its surroundings, establishing a relationship between man and nature, between the desert and the sea. The desert generates the need to create a private area in the vastness of its territory; the ocean invites to open their horizons..The logic used in the design of this house is subtractive. The consignment was seized with the maximum constructible area through a rigorous geometric solid volume, which was then drilled generating a sunken courtyard. The terrace roof is a front overhang with the same proportion of the gap in the courtyard, a “displacement” of the horizontal plane of the roof..Thus, establishing a vertical relationship with the sky and another horizontal with the sea. This is achieved at a dialectical relationship between architectural enclosure and openness, transparency and opacity, privacy and exterior..”  Extensive glazing, natural light, lovely views; indoor / outdoor sensibility; courtyard, roof terrace..

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image: Elsa Ramírez;  article: “Playa la Isla house / Juan Carlos Doblado” 27 May 2009. ArchDaily. <;


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