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* Architecture: Het Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam by Dok Architecten

Posted by the editors on Friday, 20 July 2012

Architecture: Het Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam by Dok Architecten: “..the ‘het scheepvaartmuseum’ designed by amsterdam-based Dok architecten breathes new life into a 17th century maritime warehouse. the new museum is the result of a collaboration with restoration experts at rappange & partners, belgian architects laurent ney who is responsible for the concealed contemporary roof, and the several firms who created the individual exhibition spaces. the most striking feature of the renovation is the respect and care taken into preserving the original masonry. the timber framing that held up the construct are still in position and have been exposed for integration into the visitor experience..the symmetrical layout of the classical language remains intact. in fact, several previously closed openings were re-opened as they were initially designed, also uncovering subterranean vaults which are now accessible to the public. exemplifying one of the first uses of portland cement in the area, the facades were very diligently reconstructed to their initial state and sealed with a clear paint. to accommodate the growing number of visitors, the central courtyard was covered by a thin steel roof. this semi-exterior space functions as a large expanse to circulate mass quantities of people in addition to being an orientation point between displays. low energy LED lights are embedded within the slender joists and an innovative sound-proof floor. 62 tonnes of solar-shielded glass spans the column-less courtyard and leave a small gap around the edge of the roof connection for natural ventilation. the entire metal construction can be dismantled at any time in the future without causing any harm to the historical base. the mechanical systems have been relocated to the roof and replaced with circulation components. demolition timber has been recycled into library tables, and the unusable areas between the girders has been opened to include light-filled workspaces..”  Inspired interior and exterior renovation and additions to an existing 17th century structure; interiors featuring exposed original masonry and timber beams, exterior central courtyard capped by a lovely glass and steel dome with embedded LEDs..

image: courtesy of dok architecten; article: Designboom

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