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* Residential Architecture: House in Hamadayama by K+S Architects

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 21 July 2012

Residential Architecture: House in Hamadayama by K+S Architects: “..“Retreat” becomes the keyword..I use  the bare concrete wall around to protect the living space from outside environment..I set the Core Tower in the center of the house and I let  the living space stream and spatially continue with clinging to the Tower..In the space isolated from the outside world, I try to  form the characteristically different space surrounding the Core Tower..Besides it, I make it very open architectonics and the movable  partitions enable the whole house to be a one  large (connected) room..This also makes you sense and feel the presence of two big tortoises  which are the member of the family anywhere in the house..Whereas the house at a glance might give a subtle closed  expression in the town, indeed creates a warm and gracious atmosphere at night  by a light leaks  out from the oval aperture of the aluminum panel..”  Privacy, lightwells, filtered natural light, interesting interior volumes..

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image: © Hiroshi Ueda; article: “House in Hamadayama / K+S Architects” 14 Apr 2010. ArchDaily. <;


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