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* Residential Architecture: Windy House by Estudio Valdes

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 21 July 2012

Residential Architecture: Windy House by Estudio Valdes: “..The house is located on the coast of Santo Domingo, (Region V of Chile) in the upper part of the border coast which resembles a balcony over the beach with a great view at the pacific ocean..The Santo Domingo coast is defined by its windy landscape, with predominant winds from the S-W. The “s” is the reason why the house works as panel, keeping the terrace and swimming pool area very tranquil; the living room works as a “bifocal” between the ocean view and the terrace, protecting the back of the house from excess wind..The overarching concept of the house is that of a strong concrete module with great detail. Pillars and beams are accented by stone, basalt, cipres wood and glass. This orden goes to the whole project bringing harmony to the house in its details..The structural module is demonstrated inside the house via the beams of house behind the tiles, the openings and closings between dwellings, and finally bringing at last a module order through the whole project..”  Lovely site, extensive glazing, ocean views, natural light; interesting materiality and interior volumes, details and furnishings, with abundant wood: flooring, ceilings, walls, exposed timber rafters; privacy; indoor / outdoor sensibility..

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image: Alejandra Demaria; article: “Windy House / Estudio Valdes” 26 Sep 2009. ArchDaily. <;


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