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* Residential Architecture: South Eastern Residence by FMD Architects

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Residential Architecture: South Eastern Residence by FMD Architects: “..The aim of the renovation was increase the natural amenity of the main living spaces, create a strong connection with the eastern palm garden and overlay a new layer of modern elements to the existing fabric while maintaining some period features at the from end of the residence..The existing building consisted of haphazard renovations built one over the top the other. Time had taken its toll on the main structure, which had caused every wall in the house to lean towards its northern neighbour. The owners were experienced renovators, and the design approach was to create new elements to overlay onto the existing structure, in an attempt to visually square up the house. Apart from some structural alterations and reinforcement, the building envelope generally remained intact to minimise cost and concentrate spending on the new insertions..A 10m x 1m extension was added to the southern face of the building to increase the Living, Kitchen and Bathroom areas. The extension contained a line of skylights within a profiled ceiling to draw in northern light. The profiled ceiling also contains concealed lighting for these spaces. New full height frameless glazing was installed on the eastern façade to draw morning light into the house and connect the interior with the garden. A large sliding door allows the seamless integration of the living space to the garden during the warmer months..”  Modest though effective renovations and extension; skylights, ample glazing, natural light..

image: Shannon McGrath; article: Arthitectural

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