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* Residential Architecture: Villa IJBurg by Knevel Architecten

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Residential Architecture:  Villa IJBurg by Knevel Architecten: “..Dutch studio Knevel Architecten have completed this villa located on IJburg, a new residential district in Amsterdam built on a series of artificial islands..The upper part of the villa is clad in dark-stained wood and features a sloping roof clad in solar panels, which reduces the building from three-storeys at the front to two at the rear..Apertures in the slanting roof create terraces on the upper floors while a loggia on the first floor and glazing below overlook the water..The lower part of the house is rendered in white and sheltered by a protruding ledge..”  Ample glazing, natural light, roof terraces, balcony; dark wood cladding; solar energy..

See another home on Ijburg: Residential Architecture: House Ijburg by Rocha Tombal Architects.

image: Luuk Kramer; article: Dezeen

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