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* Residential Architecture: Annandale House by CO-AP

Posted by the editors on Friday, 27 July 2012

Residential Architecture: Annandale House by CO-AP: “..The conceptual framework for this project is very much influenced by its context. The long narrow site is closely bounded by residential units to the south-west and the Piano Factory warehouse apartment conversion to the north. The west and east offer framed views to established trees and green streetscape respectively..Taking these issues into consideration, the new additions attach to the rear of the terrace and unfold along the length of the site, with new floor levels corresponding to the natural topography, resulting in a series of split levels and pocket courtyards with the eight-metre high stepped Piano Factory heritage wall along the northern boundary as their backdrop..The selection of materials and finishes for the project were influenced by the strong presence of the Piano Factory brick wall. Existing painted masonry was stripped back to expose sandstock brickwork and compressed fibre cement sheet cladding was left raw. New ashlar render is also left unpainted, metal roof sheeting is galvanised and left to weather and patina with age. Steelwork is painted an ox-blood red colour, reminiscent of raw steelwork primer but also referencing a heritage palette..The project has provided an opportunity to explore an alternative model for updating the inner-city two-storey terrace house. The constraints and opportunities provided by the site, the brief and council planning controls have generated a unique house which has a deep connection to its site and is ultimately a very functional and comfortable home..”  Important contextual sensibility; interesting materiality; ample glazing, natural light; enclosed courtyards..

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image: © Ross Honeysett”Annandale House / CO-AP” 27 Jul 2012. <;


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