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* Architecture: London 2012 Olympic Velodrome by Hopkins Architects

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 29 July 2012

Architecture: London 2012 Olympic Velodrome by Hopkins Architects: “..over 18 months before the start of the games, london-based hopkins architects..completed the ‘2012 olympic velodrome‘, making it the first venue to be officially handed over to the olympic delivery authority. built on the old home of the eastway cycle track, the 6,000-seat indoor facility features a distinct, double-curve roof which was the result of an focused study into the performance and efficiency of the building..dave brailsford, the performance director of british cycling comments, ‘the london 2012 velodrome is the fastest velodrome ever build and I think that suist [sic] our team. the architects have been very clever in taking all the best bits from the best velodromes around the world and they have come up with a super venue.’..the integrated design team of the project explored the ergonomic nature of the bike and aimed to apply the same aspect of engineering into the design of the velodrome. the track being the central focus of the facility, the spectators’ zone is split into two tiers by the main public circulation concourse. fully glazed to allow a 360 degree view into and out of the building, the public concourse area serves as the main entry into the arena..designed to be lightweight and efficient, many sustainable elements have been integrated into the design: strategically placed roof lights allow natural daylight, reducing lighting expenditures; the porous timber exterior cladding facilitates natural cross ventilation while rainwater is collected for reuse in the building..”  Distinctive form, sustainability..

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image: courtesy hopkins architects; article: Designboom

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