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* Residential Architecture: Garay Residence by Swatt – Miers Architects

Posted by the editors on Monday, 30 July 2012

Residential Architecture: Garay Residence by Swatt – Miers Architects: “..Swatt | Miers Architects designed a remodel and extension for this house in Tiburon, California..The owners had lived in Tiburon, California for many years, dreaming of one day transforming their low, one story home into a setting befitting their spectacular site perched above San Francisco Bay. Their dreams began to be realized in 2005 with the design of a 2000 square foot addition, coupled with a complete renovation of the existing 3,200 square foot house..The site is a half-acre south-facing hillside parcel, with unobstructed views of San Francisco Bay to the south, east and west. Responding to the physical conditions of the site, the new house is almost entirely opaque on the north side where a new entrance motor court is defined by a rhythm of five ‘free-standing’ stone-clad walls. Slivers of glass separate the stone panels, creating a strong rhythm while giving little hint of the extraordinary spaces and views on the other side..The progression of space begins with a low, compressed entry, leading to a circulation spine. Bathed in light from clerestory windows and skylights, the spine overlooks a new living, dining and kitchen ‘pavilion’, and new south-facing terraces, with world-class views of San Francisco Bay beyond. Frameless glazing, pocketing glass doors, and dramatic cantilevered roof extentions seamlessly connect interior space to exterior space, blurring the boundary between the two..”  Lovely site and views, expansive glazing, abundant natural light; indoor / outdoor sensibility..

image: Russell Abraham; article: Contemporist

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