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* Architecture: I Resort by a21studio

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 2 August 2012

Architecture: I Resort by a21studio: “..located near a small hill near a river which separates from nha trang, vietnam, the ‘i resort’ by vietnamese practice a21studĩo satisfies the growing need for mud baths in the region. hot springs on 7 hectares are experienced by tourists within a setting constructed from locally found wood, rock, coconut leaf. lotus ponds, gourd and flower gardens have been weaved throughout the plan, easing the strength of the tropical sun. a main courtyard and circulatory space is formed by an easy to assemble mortise and tenon structure, serving to modify the microclimate. flexible and adaptable spaces accommodate the need for changing functions, encouraging activity to occur in quiet and peaceful places..the open design allows opportunities for solar gain and ventilation. internal gardens are integrated to minimize excessive temperatures, as well as careful selection of roof materials and fenestration..”  Vernacular yet contemporary: interesting forms and materiality: bamboo, stone, wood, banana leaves; indoor /outdoor sensibility..

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image: © hiroyuki oki, courtesy of a21studĩo; article: Designboom

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