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* Residential Architecture: Villa SK by Atelier Thomas Pucher

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 2 August 2012

Residential Architecture: Villa SK by Atelier Thomas Pucher: “..on a small budget, austrian firm atelier thomas pucher was able to completely transform the ‘villa SK’ for the owners by merely adding an extra component. the unmodified existing house now serves the private functions, bedrooms and bathrooms. two horizontal planes of red-colored concrete extend the entrance of the original aged structure almost to the end of the property line. full-height glass panes envelope the new living room with knotted hardwood flooring, ultimately making the surrounding yard and climate conditions the real enclosure of the space..two massive beams with thin metal braces run along the top of the canopy and rest on a natural stone wall at the far end, allowing for a flexible open interior with only a few slender supports. the large members also double as the walls of the exterior second-level terrace accessible through the old residence. a seemingly floating interior brick partition with protruding angled units that act as shelves serve as a backdrop for various activities. the roof element contains a large void embracing the growth of a tree in a peaceful grass courtyard..”  Very interesting contemporary addition / extension to an existing home; expansive glazing, natural light; terrace; materials sensibility..

image: © lukas schaller; article: Designboom

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