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* Residential Architecture: Origami Residence by Architects Collective

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 5 August 2012

Residential Architecture: Origami Residence by Architects Collective: “..Austrian firm Architects Collective have completed Origami, a Corian-clad penthouse on top of an existing building in Mexico City..The new extension includes two terraces and is positioned on top of an existing three-storey building. Its steel structure is covered in Corian panels..’The folding dynamic form creates a seemingly temporary habitat with continuous inside and outside spaces on two levels and generous views of the city. The building’s skeleton is made of steel and is completely enveloped in pearl-grey acrylic-polymer Corian panels, the first time this material was used as an entire building envelope.. Overhangs and the thoughtful orientation of interior spaces and openings moderate the climate of the penthouse, which can also be adjusted by providing cross ventilation through operable windows in the glass façade and at the highest point of the roof construction..The floors covering the entire penthouse- from the moment you enter, to the moment you step into the bathtub- are of Santo Tomas marble, a local stone usually employed as flooring in the city’s subway stations, churches and other public spaces. Thus the echoes of the outside are folded in quietly into a private space, further re-enforcing the notion of a transient, temporal habitat..’ (architects description)..”  Extensive glazing, natural light, urban views; interesting form, materiality and interior volumes; two terraces and roof terrace..

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image + article: Dezeen

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