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* Residential Architecture: A House for Three Sisters by Blancafort-Reus Arquitectura

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Residential Architecture: A House for Three Sisters by Blancafort-Reus Arquitectura: “..spanish firm blancafort-reus arquitectura has created the ‘house for three sisters’ in bullas, murcia, Spain or the ‘dream house’ as was originally found inscribed on a wooden plank at the entrance of the site. the tri-functional construct provides practical individual and private dwellings interwoven at a common shared point, reminiscent of a family’s interpersonal relationships. the tapering structures extend to the landscape in opposing directions and open views far out to the horizon. pressure-treated pine planks cover the exterior facades with a contextual appropriateness amongst the grapevines and olive trees, unifying the different dwellings with the same material. the positions of the windows as well as the type of glass selected is carefully calculated to benefit from the sun in the winter months while minimizing heat gain in the summer with the help of protruding shading devices. solar energy is also used as a mechanism to heat water, while rain is collected to irrigate the trees and vegetable gardens..”  Interesting form, details, wood cladding, fenestration and interior volumes..

image: © blancafort-reus arquitectura, courtesy of blancafort-reus arquitectura; article: Designboom

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