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* Residential Architecture: Boardwalk House by Demetriades + Walker Architecture

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 9 August 2012

Residential Architecture: Boardwalk House by Demetriades + Walker Architecture:  “..with an open circulation and no formal entry, american firm demetriades + walker architecture‘s ‘boardwalk house‘ in new york acts as a transitional space between the permanent household and the laid-back relaxing beach life.  the living room, kitchen, dressing and pool areas, outdoor shower and roof deck are all organized along an exterior path aptly named the boardwalk, which ultimately leads to the sand dunes and atlantic ocean..a palette of exposed raw materials and colorful surfaces paired with large hurricane-ready window installations makes for a dynamic interior full of textures and light. zinc coated copper panels with a matte finish, made to weather over time, line the outside of the concrete structure. a subtly graded roof plane grows out of the sand with a void to make room for the external staircase leading up to a rooftop terrace. an array of warmer-toned wood planks and members highlight the based on the specific function, for drainage, outdoor pathway, structural column, or inside flooring..”  Lovely beach-side site, views; ample glazing, clerestory windows; roof terrace; interesting materiality..

image: courtesy of demetriades + walker architecture; article: Designboom

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