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* Residential Architecture: Bloc 10 Residence by 5468796 Architecture

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 11 August 2012

Residential Architecture: Bloc 10 Residence by 5468796 Architecture: “..canadian firm 5468796 architecture has created a playful multi-family housing model in winnipeg, manitoba, which mixes several different types of living typologies within a flexible stack of volumes. ‘bloc 10’ is comprised of ten individual units, based on the ‘white-box’ concept where buyers choose the spaces, distributed amongst levels as per their desire, as basic dwellings with only plumbing and electricity. the result is a unique interlocking mesh of condominiums that reach from one end of the footprint to the other, with views in several directions and cantilevered walls that create offset overlapping balconies or extend rooms. a central concrete core for vertical circulation consists of both public and private staircases that provide communication within and between houses. a modular steel structure branches out to allow the required flexibility in spatial distribution. wrapping the series of residences is a screen made up of evenly distributed wooden planks with several voids of different sizes and locations that protect intimate spaces from the outside while shading from the sun. ‘bloc 10’ has been shortlisted in the ‘housing’ category of the 2012 world architecture festival..”  Extensive glazing, natural light, vertical wood screens, balconies..

See our post on another residence by 5468796 Architecture: Residential Architecture: Bohemier Residence by 5468796 Architecture + Cohlmeyer Architecture.

image: © james brittain photography, courtesy of 5468796; article: Designboom

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