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* Residential Architecture: La Vall de Laguar House by Enproyecto Arquitectura

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 11 August 2012

Residential Architecture: La Vall de Laguar House by Enproyecto Arquitectura: “..The simple house, situated in a village perched on a mountain overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, is located on a site not easily accessible, full of cherries and open views..The planning regulations only allowed a small building to store agricultural tools not exceeding 25 m2 and a buried cistern to water of 50 m2 . The main space of this construction becomes in this case in a living room and kitchen, and upon it, taking advantage of the height permitted, one bedroom. Underneath, a studio, one bedroom and a bathroom occupy the space of the cistern. To allow the lighting of these underground spaces, two large skylights allow incoming daylight, while on the surface these two skylights become in seats..To simplify the distribution of such a small space, one of the side walls gets thicker to accommodate storage spaces, cupboards and fireplace, leaving the rest of the space released..The exterior of the house tries to blend with the environment. It uses local stone laid dry, following the construction system of the stone of the retaining walls of the terraces in the area..”  Attractive, simple form, lovely views; interesting fenestration, interior volumes..

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image: © Enproyecto Arquitectura; article: “La Vall de Laguar House / Enproyecto Arquitectura” 11 May 2011. ArchDaily.  <;


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