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* Residential Architecture: Waiheke Island House by Mitchell and Stout Architects

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 12 August 2012

Residential Architecture: Waiheke Island House by Mitchell and Stout Architects: “..a holiday and weekend house on a rural island near Auckland..“ big on ideas rather than budget”..The kitchen-dining-living space is like a camp-site under an awning. It is an informal glazed pavilion between two cedar-clad blocks- which contain the private rooms. The pavilion shows all, while the boxes are veiled and enigmatic..A great deal of New Zealand life is spent outdoors, so the pavilion opens on both sides to give a choice between a sheltered eastern court up the slope, and a grass hill falling to the western seaward side- from which the prevailing wind often blows..The main bedroom adjoins the living spaces in one of the cedar boxes, and looks into a private landscape. Less-frequented sleeping spaces are above it, reached by a private stair from the exterior verandah. The upper floor is divided into diminutive cells. Here, give shade from the western sun, security to the sleeping perches, a pixilated view, and shelter from the storm in driving south-westerly weather..Contradictions abound. The guest rooms are private, but separated only by light screens, perilous- with glass to near bed level, but made safe by the out-sloping shutters. Each is as risky and cosy as a bird’s nest..The Music room is a “place to think” in one of the client’s words. It is also a place to play live and recorded music, and to read. From here, only a thin slice of the spectacular view is revealed, and only to a seated person looking up from the simple desk, or up from the keyboard of the grand piano. Light comes edgewise across walls and ceiling, and spills from above down a curved wall which also serves to diffuse sound..” Interesting form and interior volumes; extensive glazing, interesting fenestration, abundant natural light; vertical cedar cladding, shutters; indoor / outdoor sensibility..

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image: © Patrick Reynolds; article: “Waiheke Island House / Mitchell and Stout Architects” 05 May 2011. ArchDaily. <;


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