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* Residential Architecture: Meixihu Culture and Arts Center by Hans Hollein

Posted by the editors on Monday, 13 August 2012

Residential Architecture: Meixihu Culture and Arts Center by Hans Hollein: “..austrian practice hans hollein has finished the design for the ‘meixihu lake international culture and arts center’ in changsha, china. the urban project layers an extensive and diverse program in what will become the world’s largest cultural center and landmark. among the many facets of the master plan, the main elements will consist of a mall, hotel, exhibition, apartment complex and theater packaged within individual buildings that architectonically support one another in a unique sculptural language. the commercial aspects of the compilation tie together the artistic and cultural functions, through reintegrated circulation. pedestrian paths bring people from public transport directly to the megaplex, while major peripheral roads communicate with new underground streets. the meixu lake sits adjacently to the site to provide a tranquil, natural backdrop. local traditional materials are combined with contemporary technology and strategies to create a range of dynamic spaces, reflective surfaces, irregular massive spaces and new methods of communication make it amongst the largest in the world..”  Distinctive forms..

image: courtesy of hans hollein; article: Designboom

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