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* Architecture: Kazuyo Sejima – Winning Proposal for Tsuruoka City Cultural Hall

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Architecture: Kazuyo Sejima – Winning Proposal for Tsuruoka City Cultural Hall: “..kazuyo sejima of japanese firm SANAA has won the competition for the renovation of the tsuruoka city cultural hall. white planes drape over the lightweight steel structure extending and flowing from the contours of the site. the community was summoned to be an intrinsic part of the creative design process. the entire program is located on one floor for equal accessibility and arranged to provide the free-flowing nature of the circulation, with an auditorium at the focal point. several wings extend from the core of the plan to preserve existing historic buildings and the character of tsuruoka..groundwater is stored and recycled on site while natural subterranean reservoirs naturally cool and heat the interior spaces with the hallways positioned to create a natural flow of ventilation. as an alternative to concrete, glass was chosen to evoke the presence of the green mountains. the electrical, mechanical and generator rooms are located in a satellite structure reducing noise levels within the main space and allow easy maintenance..”

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image: © kazuyo sejima; article: Designboom

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