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* Residential Architecture: Kangaroo Point House by DMJ Design Studio

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 16 August 2012

Residential Architecture: Kangaroo Point House by DMJ Design Studio: “..This house is located on Sydney South and enjoys of great western views to the Georges River and eastern views to Oyster Bay, two beautiful natural reserves..a 550m2 house which includes 3 Car spaces, 4 Bedrooms, home office, bar, home theatre, 2 living areas with entertaining balconies, swimming pool, gym, spa, BBQ area and boat facilities..The house is developed in three different levels along the site. The main house takes part on the highest point above the rock outcrop, down in the middle of the site is located the Cabana with the gym, Spa and BBQ area and in the bottom of the site are the boat facilities. All the different sections along the site are linked by a 5 stops inclinator..The main natural feature on site is a rock outcrop which is listed as a heritage natural formation as it use to give shelter to the Australian aboriginals of the area. The main living areas are located over this rock in order to enjoy of the views towards the river..Water elements and open areas are concepts which are represented in every part of the house. All main spaces are interacting with the outside and the natural surroundings become an extension of the interior..The volumetric concept is based on three juxtaposed cubes linked by a straight circulation axis which is repeated on Ground and First Floor with variations on size and materials. Big glass openings are used to enjoy of the views and to provide sun access to the interior. The materials were chosen based on low maintenance and durability such as concrete, natural stone, metal cladding and render and paint..Ecologically it incorporates passive solar heating techniques, the living areas floor is stone to increase sun heat storage during the winter months, it has 2 water recycling tanks, low-e glass, high rated fixtures and solar hot water system..”  Extensive glazing, natural light, views; indoor / outdoor sensibility; cantilevered terrace; interesting fenestration..

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image: © IMAGEination & C. Ocampo; article: “Kangaroo Point House / DMJ Design Studio” 15 Aug 2012. ArchDaily. <;


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