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* Residential Architecture: Sunset Vale House by WOW Architects

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 16 August 2012

Residential Architecture: Sunset Vale House by WOW Architects: “..singapore-based WOW architects have completed the ‘sunset vale house’ for a previous client on a small tropical plot in singapore. the restricting area of the site results in a design that utilizes every square centimeter of the building elements to create a design that is a perfect balance between utilitarian and aesthetic. the client’s desire to have a residence fully integrated with the landscape has created a formal diagram that completely opens to the exterior to frame views and allow the experience of the climate to impact the interior. gardens are present throughout each level with a water feature setting the tone throughout the dwelling.. attention was paid not only to the organization of masses, but to the smallest scale of detail as well. the concrete structure was poured in place using durian wood form work to give the hard material a subtle texture and warmth. slabs of split-face granite around the several reflecting pools allude to the mirror-like tranquility of the ponds. etched glass envelopes the vertical circulation atrium, illuminating the interior with daylight and adding a distinct design element to the facade. the living and dining rooms are connected through sliding glass doors that join them into one exterior space focused around a local frangipani tree..”  Extensive glazing, natural light, garden views; interesting form, interior volumes, details and materiality; indoor / outdoor sensibility..

image: courtesy of WOW architects; article: Designboom

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