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* Residential Architecture: Joshua Tree Boulder House by W. Garett Carlson

Posted by the editors on Monday, 20 August 2012

Residential Architecture: Joshua Tree Boulder House by W. Garett Carlson: “..Trained as a landscape architect, W. Garett Carlson has designed a 1700 sf residence entitled the Joshua Tree Boulder House.  Situated on 2.5 acres in Joshua Tree, California,  the residence is intended to seem as though it is emerging from the ground.  This conceptual idea stems from the site’s proximity to the Joshua Tree National Park which contains some of the most fascinating boulder shapes in the world, according to Carlson..Using these ideas, from the front, a huge boulder covers the entire residence, making the built environment completely disappear.  The faux boulder, which provides shade from the late day heat, slowly transitions to actual home constructed of  metal, wood, concrete and glass..Inside,  ten-foot high, custom-made floor-to-ceiling pocket glass doors open to create a 40 feet wide expanse that connects the living area to the landscape.  A landscaped roof and patio create a luscious background for the home, and a fire pit and water feature that are set within boulders further enhance the experience..(As seen on The Contemporist)..”  Unexpected form; extensive glazing, abundant natural light, lovely desert views; green roof, terrace; stylish Modernist furniture..

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image: © W. Garett Carlson; article: Cilento , Karen . “Joshua Tree Boulder House / W. Garett Carlson” 12 Sep 2010. ArchDaily. <;




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