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* Residential Architecture: Casa Tropical by Camarim Architects

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Residential Architecture: Casa Tropical by Camarim Architects: “..Portuguese architects Camarim have completed Casa Tropical, a holiday home in a fishing village in northern Brazil..The three-storey house is surrounded by a wide gallery for circulation on the outside of the building..The wooden roof and walls of the gallery shelter the building from the sun but allow the wind to cool the interior..’3 Floors: 3 Landscapes totally diverse in use and means of approaching nature..1: the podium, at street level, looks over the garden. Two volumes sheltering ancillary functions leave an open space for permanence, with wide views over the garden, under the shadow of the house above..2: the rooms are accessed via the gallery, which is wrapped in a wooden skin that negotiates privacy, views, ventilation and shadow, this last one treated as a living ornament. The walls have the roughness of hand crafted bricks, painted ice white..3: the living room is a house on the trees, a wooden house on top of the concrete house. The open roof leaves space for 3,20 m high glass panels, merging coconut trees, dunes and sea in the open plan interior..'”  Extensive glazing, natural light, garden views; butterfly roof; interesting interior disposition, volumes, materiality, details; veranda, horizontal wood screens..

image: Nic Olshiati; article: Dezeen

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