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* Residential Architecture: Riva Lofts by Claudio Nardi Architects

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 2 September 2012

Residential Architecture: Riva Lofts by Claudio Nardi Architects: “..Halfway between being at home and halfway between being away, these lofts are testimonials and participants in contemporary living yet also travel experiences through time and space. The spirit of sharing is another inheritance from the past, linked to the culture of working, part of the historic vocation of places like this..Thus the nine interiors, all distinctly unique in size, shape and arrangement,boast a well-defined and recognisable character. They also offer a series of different perceptions of the environment thanks to the possibility of choosing between a suite with a private terrace, a suite directly overlooking the garden, or offering panoramic views either over the Cascine Park or towards Brunelleschi’s Cupola, the most classical icon in Florence.. Apart from the private suites, guests can also make use of a spacious sitting room with stone walls, cross vaults, bookcases and large fireplace, which is designed to continue the idea of blending experiences, tastes, philosophies and lifestyles.The large picture window overlooks the private garden and the spectacular pool lined in white sandstone..”  Interesting renovation and repurposing; materials sensibility; stylish interior decoration..

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image: © Studio Nardi; article: Arthitectural


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