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* Residential Architecture: Pilar House by FILM-OBRAS DE ARQUITECTURA

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Residential Architecture: Pilar House by FILM-OBRAS DE ARQUITECTURA: “..The work, a minimum house was conceived as a unique and flexible space intern a “tube” that links the square, facing the lot, and expansion..This space is made up of a horizontal surround 3 sides of constant width, thickness and transparency variable, modulated and constructed in panderete brick. The envelope touches the ground with his face more thickness and permeability, and it is suspended, the opposite side on a linear concrete platform..Each side of this folded sheet is formed on relation of interior exterior link which states: towards the northeast side, is a succession of partitions which allow to enter natural light and view of heaven; up is roof, plane continuous of brick; to the northwest side, is sequence of alternating images of the forest..This volume is attached to the edge, hiding it, using a second body which contains services, ensuring the independence of the main space..”

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image: © FILM-OBRAS DE ARQUITECTURA; article: “Pilar House / FILM-OBRAS DE ARQUITECTURA” 15 May 2011. ArchDaily. <;


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