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* Residential Architecture: Chelsea Hill House by Kariouk Associates

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 30 September 2012

Residential Architecture: Chelsea Hill House by Kariouk Associates: “..Concrete bricks create geometric patterns on the facade of this house in Québec by architects Kariouk Associates..Architect Paul duBellet Kariouk describes the arrangement as a “basket-weave” and it explains how it “takes a very coarse industrial material and makes something graceful out of it.”..“We came up with this pattern by buying a stack of the blocks and just playing with them in the office,” DuBellet Kariouk told Dezeen. “The use of small and large blocks creates a more varied shadow pattern that also helps to break down the scale of the house.”..The entrance sits at the base of a tall and narrow window, and leads into a double-height corridor that spans the length of the two-storey house..Two bridges cross the corridor on the first floor, including one that is actually a suspended bathtub..This bath belongs to the first floor bedroom, which is located beyond a dining room, kitchen and living room..The family’s children use the rooms on the ground floor, which include two bedrooms and a television room..”  Extensive glazing, abundant light, nature views; interesting fenestration, interior volumes, facade texture, details..(article includes a 10-image slideshow)..

See our post on another home by Kariouk Associates: Residential Architecture: Hill-Maheux Cottage by Kariouk Associates.

image: Photolux Studios, Christian Lalonde; article: Dezeen

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