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* Residential Architecture: Injidup Residence by Wright Feldhusen Architects

Posted by the editors on Friday, 19 October 2012

Residential Architecture: Injidup Residence by Wright Feldhusen Architects: “..The exposed spectacular site has vast views of Injidup Beach. The Busselton council imposed stringent building bulk and height guidelines; no portion of the building was to be higher then 4 metres above natural ground level. This therefore resulted in a low laconic single level residence..The client required holiday accommodation for their extended family and as such the sleeping requirements necessitated several bedrooms in separate zones to isolate young children from noisier areas. The site is extremely exposed with the prevailing South Westerly breeze and hot afternoon sun setting into the main view..The house is devised as two intimate rammed earth sleeping wings that meet at the glazed pavilion that is the main living area. The roof hovers over this area and folds down to the western horizon to proved afternoon sun protection. The main external living areas are focused on the North East courtyard, with borrowed views of the ocean through the glazed living area. This area is also protected from the breeze..All building materials are included to deal with the harsh marine environment. Massive rammed earth walls, copper cladding and large areas of glass. All exposed windows are protected by operable external louver blinds. All water is harvested on site and reused..”  Interesting roof form and interior volumes; extensive glazing, natural light, ocean views; indoor / outdoor sensibility;

See yesterday’s post on another home by Wright Feldhusen Architects: Yallingup Residence by Wright Feldhusen Architects.

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image: © Patrick Bingham-Hall; article: Jett , Megan . “Injidup Residence / Wright Feldhusen Architects” 04 Dec 2011. ArchDaily. <;


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