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* Residential Architecture: Kyneton Residence by Intermode

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 28 October 2012

Residential Architecture: Kyneton Residence by Intermode: “..This residence was built on a challenging block of land in Kyneton. It is situated on the site of a former stone quarry on a steep hill where very little flat land existed. Kyneton’s Residence’s owners were keen to build a modern home on their block but an affordable one. Nearing retirement, and having had a bad experience with cost overruns on a previous project with another architectural practice, the owners wanted to minimise their financial risk..The Kyneton Residence alleviated fears of over expenditure as it was designed and built to a fixed price and within a set time frame of 20 weeks. The Intermode design was also perfectly suited to the site as little excavation was required onsite to accommodate the very flexible housing modules that can be adjusted to suit complicated spaces..The design brief was based on four key zones: 1.a kitchen and dining area 2.a living area 3.a master-bedroom suite featuring bathroom, bedroom and study 4.guest bedrooms and bathroom..A generous outdoor entertaining deck is accessible from both the kitchen and living area to take advantage of the views towards Mt Macedon. Included in the fixed price for the project were high-end fixtures, fittings and finishes meaning that the client didn’t have to continually evaluate choices against their budget. The home has a minimum six star energy rating..The client was impressed by the flexibility of Intermode modules and features and the fact that the final design and finishes reflected those of a bespoke architectural house. To quote the client directly, “The wash up- a beautiful home, built within budget, finished on time AND exactly the type of home that at one stage seemed way beyond our means.”..”  Extensive glazing, natural light, views; high-end modular home with refined details and finishes; arkd vertical cladding..

See our post on another Intermode home by Carr Design Group, an award winner: Residential Architecture: Country Victoria Modular House by Carr Design Group..

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image: © Derek Swalwell; article: Alarcon , Jonathan . “Kyneton Residence / Intermode” 24 Oct 2012. ArchDaily. <;


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