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* Residential Architecture: Chalet C7 by Nicolás del Río + Max Núñez

Posted by the editors on Friday, 2 November 2012

Residential Architecture: Chalet C7 by Nicolás del Río + Max Núñez: “..Chalet C7 is located in the Andes Mountains at 2900 meters from the Portillo Hotel and a few miles from Mount Aconcagua. The land is characterized by a steep and rocky topography which faces the Inca Lagoon and the “Tres Hermanos” peaks..The house is hidden in the slope in order to interfere as little as possible with the view of the lagoon..The interior has two levels. A base level, built with rocks taken from the same hill, protects from snow in the winter . This wall defines the first floor, anchoring the building to the ground; the bedrooms and private spaces of the house are located behind it. These areas, whose dimensions vary according to domestic needs, are open to the outside..Over the main floor is a second level completely open to the landscape and the northern lights. In this open-plan space the objects are organized in a flexible way. A robust structure of metal beams defines the tectonic quality of space and allows this open space. The exposure of the large beams, unusual in a domestic space, makes gravity visible..”  Amazing site; extensive glazing, natural light, nature views; exposed steel beams; interesting form and interiors..

See our post on another home by Nicolás del Río + Max Núñez: Residential Architecture: La Baronia House by Nicolás del Rio + Max Núñez.

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image: © Erieta Attali; article: Alarcon , Jonathan . “Chalet C7 / Nicolás del Río + Max Núñez” 28 Oct 2012. ArchDaily. <;


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