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* Residential Architecture: House in The Patagonia Fjords by Armando Montero + Samuel Bravo

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 4 November 2012

Residential Architecture: House in The Patagonia Fjords by Armando Montero + Samuel Bravo: “..The southern channels of Patagonia, Chile, are characterized by an abrupt geography formed by glaciers, mountains and dense forests that fall vertically over the sea. Rainfall varies from 5 to 6000 mm per year, making it the wettest area of the country..This vast extension of territory is one of the least populated places on the planet. Inhabiting this area is a challenge. The project consists of a small house in the bay of Melimoyu. This house is elevated in height and overlooks the sea on the slope of a wooded hill..While the place chosen for the project is located only 50 meters above sea level, to access it is necessary to build a wooden path of more than 500 meters. The result and the final shape is determined by the geography of the forest..The house is located in the only area of the zone which has a narrow platform of 5 to 6 meters. This place has three main features: it has a wide view of the Melimoyu Bay, it faces south and gets little sunlight, and thirdly it is immersed in a forest of ancient trees, so moisture is very high..The project is located in a north-south axis. The southern facade opens onto the Melimoyu Bay and the Merchant River. On the north side you can find the house access and a window that receives the northern sun. To the east, there is a corridor connecting the outdoor terraces of the north and south facade. From three of the four sides, the project has eaves and terraces that offer protection from the heavy rains and from the west side, the project has an hermetic facade..In the center of the house there is a wood stove that serves as the main source of heat. The internal heating fuel is taken from the wood that the sea leaves on the seashore. No trees are cut..The aim of this project is to create a great connection with the territory, since it is understood that inhabiting the Patagonia Fjords is a complex task..”  Extraordinary site, lovely views; abundant wood use..

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image: © Samuel Bravo; article: “House in The Patagonia Fjords / Armando Montero + Samuel Bravo” 01 Nov 2012. ArchDaily. <;


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