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* Residential Architecture: Sky Catcher House by Kazuhiko Kishimoto

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Residential Architecture: Sky Catcher House by Kazuhiko Kishimoto: “..the ‘sky catcher house’ by japanese architect kazuhiko kishimoto of acca is immersed within atsugi, a typical residential suburb in the kanagawa prefecture of japan. encompassed by a collection of one and two storey structures, the dwelling’s square footprint and simple windowless elevations conceal any hint of the interior arrangement from onlookers. upon passing through the lattice door at the main entry, inhabitants are welcomed with an open courtyard bordered by living spaces enclosed with floor-to-ceiling glass windows..the wooden planks which wrapped the exterior facade are continued on the ground plane. trees emerge from the floor through circular voids to mark a path as well as create a garden setting..the placement of rooms aims to achieve a long and linear circulation around the court. the bedrooms and living rooms are adjacent to the veranda and are only accessible from the outdoors. traditionally, outdoor corridors are essential to maintain a connection with all four seasons, offering dwellers a pleasant change from the static internal environment. staying true to the name of the home, the height of the roof is kept to a minimum to maximize views to the sky from the interior..”  Extensive glazing, abundant light, privacy; interior courtyard; deck; vertical wood cladding..

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image: image © hiroshi ueda; article: Designboom

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