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* Residential Architecture: Roblas Cube House by Moscato Schere Todo Terreno

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 10 November 2012

Residential Architecture: Roblas Cube House by Moscato Schere Todo Terreno: “..The house is located in the town of Maschwitz Engineer in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. With 60 m2 of total area sits on a wooded plot of 20 x 50m. and east – north at its bottom. Given the scarcity of resources for construction, compactly resolved in a cubic array of 6.20 x 6.20 x 6.20 m..About the volume, fully resolved “plane” and edge, different operations are succeeding and joints between wall and vain, they develop according to their position relative to the programs, the garden and the “language game” itself..The interior is fully virtualized, with a tendency to a specialty tour and is projected as a result of the different types of alternation that occur in both width and height..In technological terms, the work was intended for a first stage and a second masonry of self, for it is simplified and streamlined its materiality: block walls, demolition profiles, joists, precast, concrete screed floors and metalwork are its repertoire..”  Ample glazing; interesting interior volumes..

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image: © Ramiro Schere; article: Cifuentes , Fabian . “Roblas Cube / Moscato Schere Todo Terreno” 05 Nov 2012. ArchDaily. <;


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