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* Residential Architecture: House in Lisbon by Luís and Tiago Rebelo de Andrade and Manuel Cachão Tojal

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Residential Architecture:  House in Lisbon by Luís and Tiago Rebelo de Andrade and Manuel Cachão Tojal: “..This narrow townhouse in Lisbon, Portugal, has bushy plants all over its body and a swimming pool on its roof..Designed by Portuguese architects Luís Rebelo de AndradeTiago Rebelo de Andrade and Manuel Cachão Tojal, the three-storey house was designed as a vertical garden that includes 25 different Iberian and Mediterranean plant species..“Different fragrances are spread throughout the floors,” the architects told Dezeen. “In the swimming pool you will have the flavour of saffron; in the bedroom, lavender; in the living-room, rosemary.”..“In the heart of a busy city, the vertical garden creates an unique link with nature and an unexpected atmosphere,” they added..A single staircase spans one side of the house to connect all three floors and the roof terrace. The architects describe them as “an allusion to the famous stairs of Alfama,” in reference to the stepped streets in the oldest area of the city..On the roof, the narrow pool stretches along the whole length of the terrace so that it can be used for swimming lengths..Living and dining rooms are on the second floor, while bedrooms occupy the first floor and a garage and music room are on the ground floor..”  Extensive glazing, skylights, natural light; indoor  / outdoor sensibility; marvelous green, vertical garden facades; interesting interior volumes and details..

image: Fernando Guerra; article: Dezeen

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