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* Residential Architecture: Nest and Cave House by Idis Turato

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Residential Architecture: Nest and Cave House by Idis Turato: “..The trend for extreme cantilevers continues with this house in Croatia by architect Idis Turato, where one floor dramatically overhangs the other..Nest and Cave House overlooks the sea in the Opatija Riviera, where houses typically follow a vernacular style with gabled profiles and clay roof tiles, but Idis Turato wanted to create a building with more of a dominance over the hillside..“The main question is how to control the space encompassed; and subsequently how to develop selective control of encompassed space,” Turato says, explaining his concept to frame parts of the landscape using architecture..The irregular angle (ndlr: oblique) of the cantilever divides the two storeys of the house into two distinct volumes. The ground floor is a rugged concrete building set into the lawn, while the steel frame of the upper level is coated with white cladding panels that help to create a lightweight structure..An angled chimney acts as a lightwell for a central staircase, which sits at the meeting point of the two floors and connects living and dining rooms on the top floor with bedrooms downstairs..”  Ample glazing, natural light, views; lovely site; interesting form, fenestration, interior volumes and details..

image + article: Dezeen

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